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Starting from 17 years of age I have devoted all my time to the Art. During my high school years every day after school I travelled to Budapest in order to improve my painting talent under the tutelage of József Baksa. After doing the high school graduation I studied as a pupil of Gábor Roskó and József Baksai at the Secondary School of Fine Arts Obuda. I gave myself thematic tasks, I revolted against schematic study projects - but of course I visited classes on a regular basis – my most important criteria was: “I will never put oil on canvas”. I rather used plastic, fast decomposing materials like waste and acryl. Paper, waste and other materials were recycled by me during my works. I applied them to my paintings, and made collages of them. Besides I keenly experimented with water-based painting and other medium of fine arts techniques. The topic of my paitings were built around me and my feelings. Many self-portrait, dual-portrait and own-body illustrations were made by me in the form of paintings or collages. I started my methodical work at the university under Orsolya Drozdik. Being guided, my technique was changing and that was quite a difference for me. During the first years at the university I was much against oil painting, but after trying I slowly began to consciously use it as I realised that it is a new opportunity for me to express feminist ideology. At the university we had tasks like painting given settings and still lifes, of those color usage was regulated. The white still life had a great influence on me as well.